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How to Relieve Knee Pain in Bed

Learn how to relieve knee pain in bed in this Howcast video about physical therapy exercises for the knees.


Relieving knee pain in bed is a common problem that patients have. They're finally trying to get home and get some sleep or some rest and they're having trouble getting comfortable. They may have an ongoing knee problem and it's really rearing its ugly head when they're in bed and they're not sure why. And before you run out and buy a new mattress or new pillows or new everything, it's a good idea to maybe consider a couple of stretches or some tips just before getting into bed. If you have an exercise problem that you're doing and there's one or two exercises that give you the most relief, my suggestion is number one to do them right before bed.

The pain in your knee is there while you're in bed, because of maybe too much activity during the day or maybe too much sitting during the day, and you haven't quite relieved it from all of those activities, and now you're suffering while you're in bed. Maybe stretching just before getting into bed is one tip. Icing just before getting into bed is another tip. If you know you have a knee problem that requires ice or if you're literally having pain before getting into bed, even that could be another tip or another suggestion.

And lastly, it's just using some pillows and some props and some towels while you're in bed. If you're a back sleeper, you might want to consider putting some pillows or towels down by your ankles. The thing about the towels by your ankles is you want to try to promote knee extension when you're in bed, especially on your back.

That's what your knees are asking for when, they're aching when you're lying there, so a simple towel rolled down by your ankle can be helpful. If you're a side-lier, you might want to put a pillow in between your knees, just to give them some support as well. But between the exercises and some ice, prior to going to bed or even positioning your knees in a better place while in bed can be the first things to think of before you run out and buy a mattress, buy a firmer mattress or other things that you might think are better for you.

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