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Knee Injuries Caused by Overuse and the Warning Signs You Have One

Learn the kinds of knee injuries that can occur from overuse, and signs you may have one, in this Howcast video about physical therapy for knees.


There are a number of injuries that can result from overuse. Typically, if you have the -itis suffix at the end of the word, your bursitises, your tendonitises, your arthritises, these are your overuse injuries.

There's a lot of warning signs that go on, in this case the knee level, that often get missed or overlooked. A lot of people will overlook or miss these signs, because the symptoms tend to come and go by nature in the beginning. You might have a two to three-day period of pain, not exactly sure why and then it kind of just goes away, and therefore we kind of miss some of these signs.

If during those two or three days we're suffering from pain right in the joint line area of your knee, if you're having trouble with your weight-bearing activities clearly and it's accompanied by, maybe a hot feeling when you put your hand on your knee or obviously maybe some swelling that's visible to you, these are some of the signs that we're dealing with an overuse injury.

They're often very, very treatable, and so the sooner you pick up on these signs the better, and maybe seek out a specialist. Best case scenario is certainly stop exercising right away. Ice it and rest it and see if that does the trick for you, but there are warning signs. Typically, you're hot, red and swollen and certainly episodic in nature, in the beginning of your dealing with the problem are your warning signs.

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