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How to Make Simple Syrup

Learn how to make simple syrup for cocktails in this Howcast video.


You'll find in most cocktail recipes, the sweetener ingredient is simple syrup. Simple syrup is just a mixture of sugar and water, equal parts; 1 part water to 1 part sugar. It's extremely easy to make. It keeps for almost up to a month. You can store it in your fridge. It's also good for other things outside of cocktails, like ice coffee or lemonade. I'm going to show you how to make it. Easy as can be. You don't even have to put it over the stove. We're going to make a cup.

We're going to do a 1/2 cup of sugar; white granulated sugar is fine, or even ideal. You'll see a lot of recipes, or a lot of people, mix it up, and then they put it over the stove and dissolve it. I don't like to do that. I think it's an extra step that I don't need, and it might dilute the mixture too much and offset the balance. We've got our 1/2 cup of sugar in here. I have some water going on the stove. I'm just going to grab that and top it off until it's a cup, double what you put in.

I've got my hot water in here. It doesn't even have to be boiling, just hot enough to dissolve the sugar. It will practically dissolve by itself. Just give it a little stir to get it going and the hot water will do the rest of the work. Once it's all dissolved, it will keep this way, it's not going to separate. Again, it'll stay dissolved. Like I said, it will keep for probably up to a month in your fridge, so you can even make it in large batches. It's not like citrus juice which will go bad the next day. Simple syrup, you can put in the fridge, leave it there, and just grab it whenever you need it.

There we go, there's a fresh cup of simply syrup.

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