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How to Make a Caipirinha

Learn how to make a Caipirinha in this Howcast video about how to make cocktails. 2 oz Cachaca; 3 lime wedges; 2 tsp. sugar. Muddle limes and sugar. Add Cachaca. Shake with ice and pour into rocks glass.


The classic Brazilian drink the Caipirinha has a lot in common with the Daiquiri. It has pretty much all the same ingredients, it's just mainly the methodology that's different. So here's how it differs. Instead of juicing the lime the way we do with the Daiquiri, we're actually going to muddle the whole lime wedge in there.

So I'm going to do about half a lime. I'm going to cut it into three wedges. The reason we're muddling it is that it's going to give us this really bright, fresh lime flavor that's going to come from the peel of the lime, muddling that in, and it makes a huge difference. Instead of using simple syrup we're going to use raw sugar, because we're going to grind those two together.

This is a case where you can really get into it with the muddling. The sugar and the lime are going to combine and that'll take your place of simple syrup. I'm going to do two, because this is a pretty small spoon, two spoonfuls of sugar. As always when adding sugar and citrus, feel free to tweak the balance here and there. It's all about personal preference.

Okay, so now I'm going to muddle these two together. Like I said, you really want to make sure you get all that lime juice out. However, don't go too crazy, because if you kill the peel it's going to get very bitter. So yes, you can muddle it hard, but you know don't really work those guns to their fullest capabilities.

All right, now we're going to use two ounces of Cachaca. Cachaca is Brazilian rum, essentially. It's made in Brazil and unlike most rums, in Brazil they make their rum by distilling cane juice as opposed to molasses, which is how they do most rum. So it has a more vegetal than that really sort of sugary vanilla quality that rum can have and it has a little bit of a funk to it, which makes this drink really cool, especially with that brightness from the lime peel.

All right, let's get out ice. Now we are going to shake this drink, but we're not going to strain onto fresh ice the way we do most drinks. The reason is is that you want those lime wedges to be in there, so that they create this really cool aesthetic effect, and they'll still be imparting flavor even after you've muddled it and everything.

It's still going to bring about that brightness that you really want. Okay, let's grab out glass. The ever important frozen rocks glass and I like to shake this drink, but not too hard, because you don't want to break the ice up too much, because you're going to pour it right into the glass. So more of an easy shake instead of that really hard one that you usually do, but still keep the rhythm, of course. And pop the seal, and just pour it right in there, and let's top it off with a few more ice cubes. And that is how you make a caipirinha.

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