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Do Zombies Eat Dead People?

Find out if zombies eat dead people in this Howcast video about how to survive a zombie attack.


We already established that zombies crave the living, but do zombies eat dead people? The answer seems obvious, right? No; they're looking for living people to hunt and infect. Let's say I'm trapped in an alley being attacked by zombies. Then I fight them off and I survive for a while, but then I finally get bitten and I get dragged down to the ground. My guts are being ripped out, I am being chewed apart. At the moment that I die from blood loss or shock, do zombies continue to eat me or do they all get up and shamble away?

It's an important question, because if they can continue to eat me after I technically died, then they're actually eating their own reinforcements. If they basically eat me down to nothing, I'm not going to be a very dangerous zombie in back of some alley dragging myself around with no legs. Let's hope that zombies eat dead people because we have a much better chance of surviving.

Is it that zombies crave only the living and have some sense of what's alive and what's not alive, or are they just craving fresh raw flesh? If they're just craving flesh, then they would continue to eat the body they've tackled and killed, meaning they'd be eating their own reinforcements, so we got a much better shot of surviving.

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