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What Happens If a Zombie Bites You

Learn what happens if a zombie bites you in this Howcast video about how to survive a zombie attack.


You've been bitten by a zombie. Can you survive it or are you going to turn into a flesh-eating ghoul yourself? The short answer is I hope you never have to find out. If we think of zombieism as an infectious disease just like any other infection, it stands to reason that where you get bitten will have a big influence on whether or not you can successfully treat the bite. For instance, a bite on the bottom of your foot may lead to you becoming a zombie more slowly than a bite on your neck. If we look at a disease like rabies as an example, that holds true. The further you are bitten from your organs, from your heart, the longer it takes, often, for that disease to spread.

We see it in movies all the time; someone gets bitten on the leg, chop off the leg, hopefully they survive, maybe they do. Certainly it's worth a shot, but if your friend gets bitten and you chop his arm off, I still wouldn't go to sleep next to him. If we imagine the zombie sickness as the worse disease ever conceived, there's no treatment for it, there's no cure. If you're infected, you will become a zombie and you will die. A zombie bite is essentially lethal.

You may have a shot to cut off a limb, cut off a hand if you're bitten on the hand, but chances of that working are really slim. The examples of zombies infecting other people is that it's so toxic, so infectious, that if you're bitten, you're essentially doomed.

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