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How to Assemble the Ideal Zombie Survival Team

Learn how to assemble the ideal zombie survival team in this Howcast video about how to survive a zombie attack.


What would make up an ideal zombie survival team? You have to think about essential needs, for instance, healthcare, medicine, a doctor or a nurse, someone who has knowledge of that. A mechanic or engineer, someone that can create things, build things. Hopefully, someone that knows how to grow food. You also need to worry about security. In reality, your ideal zombie survival team is going to be whoever you're near when the plague actually hits.

I have the ultimate zombie survival team and it's made up a Navy Seal, an Emergency Room doctor, and all these different experts, and we all have a plan to meet at my house. If the zombie plague hits when I'm at work, I may never even be able to get to my house. I may never even be able to meet up with zombie survival team. For better or worse, the people that are going to end up on your zombie survival team are the people that you're going to be around, potentially even strangers, when the zombie plague hits.

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