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Has There Ever Been a Zombie Outbreak?

Find out if there has ever been a zombie outbreak in this Howcast video about how to survive a zombie attack.


Have there been any zombie outbreaks throughout history? There are no confirmed zombie outbreaks throughout history, but there are certain unexplained events that we look at that could point to a past zombie outbreak. One in particular is the Lost Colony of Roanoke.

The Colony of Roanoke was intended to be the first permanent British Colony in what is now United States. It was settled on a small island off of North Carolina. 110 settlers landed there. The supply ship came left, came back 3 years later, and no one was there. It remains the biggest mystery in early American history. There's no universally-accepted explanation for why these 110 men, women, and children vanished into thin air. They didn't die of starvation; they weren't attacked by hostile Native Americans.

Several years ago, an archeologist from Harvard discovered evidence of mass cannibalism on Roanoke. If these 110 settlers did not starve, were not attacked, were not forced to flee, what would cause them to become violent and eat one another on a mass scale? Sounds like zombies to me.

In York England several years ago, was discovered a mass grave of people who had been beheaded and violently killed. Researchers first thought that this was a gladiator burial site. The problem is there's no history of ever having any gladiator events in York. Although there are no confirmed zombie outbreaks throughout history, there are a lot of unexplained events that potentially point to zombies, from the Mayan civilization collapse to the Choco Canyon Indians of New Mexico. I encourage you to look into that.

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