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How the Government Would Handle a Zombie Outbreak

Learn what the government response to a zombie outbreak would be in this Howcast video about how to survive a zombie attack.


What would the government response be to a zombie outbreak? We can never be sure, but one thing's certain is that they would screw it up. Talking to dozens of Disaster Preparedness experts across the globe, they all agree; governments do not respond well to unforeseen crisis. The first time a disaster happens, they screw it up. The second time that same disaster happens; they're able to handle it. You don't get a second chance at a zombie outbreak.

In 2005, Hurricane Rita was bearing down on the city of Houston, and the mayor was so freaked out that it was going to be another Katrina that he told the residents of Houston to evacuate or they would die. It caused the entire population of Houston to all hit the road at once, resulting in a 115-mile traffic jam that lasted for 5 days. People were stuck on the road, didn't move an inch for 5 days; ran out of food, ran out of gas, ran out of water. They were on the highway, motionless, as the hurricane came and went.

The governor of Louisiana at the time told the residents in the western part of her state that they should write their Social Security Numbers in magic marker on their arms so that their bodies could be identified when they were found dead from debris or the storm. Then they're surprised when panic ensues.

Governments do one of 3 things: They either don't react at all, they react incorrectly, or they wildly overreact.

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