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How to Dress to Fight Zombies

Learn how to dress to fight zombies in this Howcast video about how to survive a zombie attack.


All your other options have been exhausted, there's no way that you could avoid the fight; what should you wear in a battle when you're taking on a zombie? First thing is, don't do like they do in the movies; you should not wear only a t-shirt and a bandana to hack a zombie to death with a machete.

What you want to wear is something that they're not able to bite through and something that will avoid you getting splattered on you. It's not a matter of looking cool; it's a matter of staying alive. We already know that zombies can't bite through, for instance, the human skull. It's also unlikely that they'd bite through something like a leather jacket, so racing leathers is a good idea. If you don't have racing leathers, can't afford them, or don't have access to them, something as simple as a sweatshirt wrapped in duct tape should do the job.

You definitely want to cover your eyes, your nose, your mouth. You don't want to get blood splatter or any infected bodily fluids inside of your own body because that's how you turn into a zombie. Ski goggles, great idea. A hat or a helmet, absolutely. Something covering your mouth, very, very, important. Again remember, it's not about looking cool. It's about staying alive. Looking cool is cool, but staying alive is even cooler.

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