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Best Hand-to-Hand Combat Techniques to Fight Zombies

Learn what are the best hand-to-hand combat techniques to fight zombies in this Howcast video about how to survive a zombie attack.


When you're pushed into a corner and you don't have access to any weapons, what are the best hand-to-hand combat techniques to use against a zombie? First of all, you have to remember zombies want to bite you. Zombies have toxic infected blood and bodily fluid. What you want to do is avoid, for instance, putting your hands in their mouth, punching them in the face; not a good idea. You generally want to grab a zombie by any piece of clothing hopefully they're wearing and use their own body force against them. Zombies are relentlessly aggressive, meaning they will charge at you no matter what. Use that to your advantage. As a zombie charges at you, step aside, grab them, and pull them past, push them past you, get out of the way. Use their own momentum to keep them going beyond you, to trip them, to make them fall.

Hand-to-hand combat with a zombie should be very brief and it should only be designed to get you away from them. Punching a zombie in the face is a horrible idea. Hopefully, you're wearing gloves, but even with that, you don't want to get yourself and your skin, your own body, close to infect blood, infected bodily fluid; complete disaster. Unfortunately, if you do find yourself in a situation where you are forced to engage in hand-to-hand combat with a zombie, you've probably made so many other mistakes in your zombie survival plan already that you might just want to let them eat you.

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