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8 Top Zombie Movies & 1 Bomb

Learn what are the top 8 zombie movies and which zombie movie you should skip in this Howcast video about how to survive a zombie attack.


So what are some of the top Zombie movies of all time? Movies that, if you call yourself a Zombie fan, you have to see?

It starts out with George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. That movie started the Zombie craze as we know it today. It created the modern Zombie.

Secondly, Return of the Living Dead, from 1985. Return of the Living Dead is a semi-spoof movie, sort of a romp in the vein of Zombieland. The first movie ever where Zombies ate brains, and where Zombies said "brains." Zombies don't eat brains in George Romero's movies, they don't eat brains all sorts of Zombie movies. But in Return of the Living Dead, they do eat brains, and that's where we get that from.

Next, 28 Days Later launched the living Zombie craze. It was the biggest advance in Zombie culture since 1968 when they were first created. 28 Days Later turned Zombies into rage-infected maniacs rather than undead ghouls coming back to life.

Some great Zombie comedies are Shaun of the Dead. Slow, shambling Zombies that you can throw records at, and essentially make fun of. Another good one is 'Fido'.

If you want some obscure foreign Zombie movies, Zombie, also called Zombie 2 from 1979, an Italian Zombie movie.

More recently, we've got REC from Spain. Just R-E-C, like the record button. Great Zombie movie. Takes place in an apartment building in Barcelona, where the infection is spreading all over the place, and everyone is quarantined inside.

If you like Nazi Zombie movies, I'd check out a more recent movie called Dead Snow from Norway, where a bunch of students go on Spring Break in the ski slopes, and get eaten by Nazi Zombies.

Possibly the best Zombie fight scene ever is from the Italian Zombie movie just called Zombie, where a topless scuba diver encounters a shark in the ocean, only to then be attacked by a Zombie underwater, and the Zombie fights the shark. You've got to check it out.

The worst Zombie movie of all time? Raiders of the Living Dead. It's got a poster stolen from Star Wars. It's got a title stolen from an Indiana Jones movie. The plot revolves around a little kid creating a ray gun, to fight Zombies, with a broken laser disc player.

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