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How to Do the Crying Spoon Trick

Learn how to do the crying spoon trick in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


Do you know that you can actually make a spoon cry?

No. How?

Yes, if it's a sad spoon. Look at this. Hold the spoon. Say the saddest thing you can think of.

All the puppies died.

Dead puppies. Spoon starts to shake and spoon starts to tear.


Oh, it's quivering, and that's the crying spoon.

What's the trick? How do you do it?

You just have to find a really sad spoon. You want to learn how to do it?


This is the really fun one. All you need is a small piece of napkin or tissue paper. We can use the corner of this, right over here. When nobody's looking, you dip it in water, and you hold it with your thumb, right here, on the back of the spoon.


Here, I'll let you try and run second. You hold it up and down, and when you squeeze, the water travels down the back of the spoon, all the way to the tip. You go like that and you see it starts to go down. It looks like it's really coming from the tip of the spoon. Want to try it?

I do.

So this is a little gross, you just dip your fingers in the water.

How do you make it quiver?

Dead puppy! You just squeeze really tight, and just by squeezing tight, it kind of shakes a little bit, all on it's own. Here, you need to try. Just squeeze really tight. The tighter you squeeze, you'll notice it might even start to shake a little bit, all on it's own. It just drips right down.


That's how you make a spoon cry.

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