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How to Make a Vanishing Coin Reappear in a Sugar Packet

Learn how to make a vanishing coin reappear in a sugar packet in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


Ben:Hey. Watch this. See the penny?


Ben:Blow on it.

Female:Where'd it go?

Ben:It actually went right over here. Here, look. We'll take one of these.

Female:There it is.

Ben:There it is.

Female:How did you get that in there?

Ben:It's magic.

Female:It's magic. Will you tell me how to do it?

Ben:Here's the secret. There's actually 2 pennies. The one that I made reappear at the end of the trick isn't the same penny that I made disappear in the beginning of the trick. I'll show you how this all plays out.

For starters, there's a little secret setup that I do when nobody's looking. Maybe if you go to use the restroom or wherever you are, I look and I find a sugar packet and I tear it about halfway through. I dump out just a little bit of the sugar onto my plate, and you slip the penny inside.

Female:That's how it got there.

Ben:That's the dirty work. Then you take the sugar packet that has the penny already in it, that's halfway ripped, you reposition the flap so it looks like it's not ripped. Nobody's going to see that, because you stick it right back in the middle with all the other sugar. The next part is making the coin disappear. There's hundreds of different ways to make a coin disappear. Actually, if you go back to a different HowCast video, I think there's 3 or 4 different HowCast videos that teach you to make a coin disappear. What I did is I used a method called the French Drop, where you pretend to take the coin, but I really leave it in the same hand.

Female:The French Drop.

Ben:The French Drop. The reason it's called that is because when I go to take the coin, the coin drops, and I pretend to hold it over here. When I said, "Blow on it," go ahead, blow on it, my left hand which is concealing the coin, secretly dropped it in my lap. That way, nobody noticed that the coin really didn't . . .


Ben:Exactly. That's exactly how that part works. I'll walk you through that part again. I hold the coin here, I pretend to take it. I say, "Here, blow on that," that's when I drop the coin on my lap over here.

Female:On your lap, and then [inaudible : 02:20].

Ben:Then I show that it's gone.


Ben:Then you ask where it is and I show you. I say, "We'll take one of these." You pinch it like this, that way they don't see that it's already been opened. You say, "I'll rip it." Then you dump it out. There it is.

Female:Great. Voila.

Ben:Voila. That's how you make a penny disappear and reappear in a sugar packet.

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