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How to Make a Slip Knot Disappear

Learn how to make a slip knot disappear in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


Ben:I want to show you something here, with a piece of rope. You see there's a knot in the middle? I can take the knot and pull it off the rope. It disappears. It goes right over there.

Female:Wow. Fancy. How did that happen?

Ben:You want to learn that one?


Ben:Okay. This is actually a, it's a type of knot called a slipknot that you've actually probably heard of. There's how it works: First of all before the trick starts, I cut off a small piece of rope, I tie it in a knot, and I put in my pocket or any hidden location you like. Then this is how you tie a slip knot. First, you make a loop; you do that just by bringing one piece of rope over to the other. Loop around, through. You make a loop, you take this end and you wrap it around the other end. Then you take the top loop and you bring it around the back and through the bottom loop, and you pull it up. Now you see you have one big loop that looks like a noose. If you pull the two ends, that slipknot slips through and gets smaller and smaller, until you have this. This is the knot that I showed you; this was the slipknot.

There's a few ways to make it disappear. One is the way that I showed you. Also, if you pull the two ends, it just vanishes. One thing you can do is you can make a loop, make another loop, pull it through, and tighten it up. You're going to say, "Here, blow on this," and it disappears. Another way is you have that knot in your pocket like I showed you to begin with, you do the slipknot. You notice if you pull one way not much happens, but if you pull the other way, it completely undoes itself. I go like this to make a fist and I pull down, but as I'm pulling down, it's actually undoing the knot.


Ben:You continue that motion down the string and it looks like you have the knot in your hand. You do a magical gesture, it disappears, and it comes back over there.

Female:You found it in your pocket.

Ben:That's how you do magic with a slipknot.

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