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How to Make a Knot Pop Off a Rope

Learn how to make a knot pop off a rope in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


Ben:Check this out. I have 2 pieces of rope tied together, right here in the middle. I want you to make your finger like a gun, point at the middle, and say 'bang'.


Ben:And the knot comes off.

Female:How does it work?

Ben:Here, I'll show you how it works. There's a little setup you do before the trick begins. You take a small piece of rope and you tie it in a knot. You keep it loose so you can still see that hole there. Then you take a longer piece of rope and you fold it in half. You take the center of the rope and you stick it through the hole, not too much, and then you pull this knot tight. Now you have it like that. You can even pull this a little bit to decrease the visibility of that loop there.

Now you create the illusion of 2 pieces of rope tied together. All you need to do is pull to make it come off. You want to try?


Ben:Here hold onto this side and this side. Bang. There you go. That's how you make a knot pop off a rope.

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