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How to Do the Disappearing Ring Trick

Learn how to do the disappearing ring trick in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


S1: Could I borrow your ring for a moment?

S2: Yes.

S1: Yeah, this is nice.

S2: Thanks.

S1: Where'd you get it?

S2: I actually got it down the street.

S1: Oh, watch this. If I take it right here I can... I'm just kidding. Here it is.

S2: What did you do?

S1: It's a mean trick, right?

S2: It is.

S1: This is something you can do to fool your friends. You borrow a ring. So that's the ring and the only other thing you need is a small coin, like a penny.

S2: Ah, a penny.

S1: So here's what I do. I put the penny in my hand and I hold it naturally so nobody knows there's anything in it.

S2: Okay.

S1: And you can even handle the ring like this and nobody is going to see that you're secretly hiding a coin.

S2: Okay.

S1: You put it on your thumb, and when I go to take the ring, I'm actually putting the ring inside my fist.

S2: Okay.

S1: So this is the move right here. I have the coin here. I cover it. You hold it right here. Magician's call this finger palm. It's a way to hide a coin. You put the coin in the fist. You pull, and now you have the coin in the hand that they think the ring is in, and then you throw it. You can throw it at the table, at the wall, you just want to get rid of it.

S2: Make the noise, yeah.

S1: And they're, "Oh, no you threw my ring." And to make it reappear, you put your hand behind your back, and it comes out like this and all that is is when you have the coin in your hand, and it goes behind your back, you put your thumb back in the hole and you pull it back out.

S2: Great.

S1: Isn't that cool?

S2: And there it is.

S1: There it is.

S2: Can I have my ring back?

S1: Yes.

S2: Thanks. Don't trust you with my ring anymore.

S1: You want to try it?

S2: Sure.

S1: Are you right handed or left handed?

S2: Right.

S1: All right, so you start with the thumb on your right finger, and then you want to secretly hide the penny in your left hand, and just kind of close it and leave it on the table. Good. You show your thumb like this and you'll stick it up all the way. There you go and when you go to take the coin-- sorry, when you go to take the ring, you cover it with your hand that has the penny. You put the thumb down and into the hand.

S2: Okay, with the ring on the thumb.

S1: And you steal the ring into your fist and pull the thumb back up. And then, but you don't want them to see that part, and then you pretend to pull it off. Good, and that's it. Now you have it here and throw it into the wind. And then you make it reappear, you put your thumb in there, and then ta-dah.

S2: Ta-dah, I did it. That's so fun.

S1: And that's how you throw somebody's ring away and make it reappear.

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