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How to Slice a Carrot with a Dollar Bill

Learn how to slice a carrot with a dollar bill in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


S1: I'm going to try to cut through this carrot with a $50 bill. You can use any dollar bill. This is what we're going to use. Here's what I'd like you to do. I'd like you to hold the carrot like this, nice and tight, one hand on each side, perfect just like that, all right? And then all you do is you take the $50 bill and you give it a good crease. It has to be nice and crisp or it will never make it all the way through the carrot.

S2: Okay.

S1: Now it's very hard, you have to give me at least three shots for this, okay?

S2: Okay.

S1: One, nope hold on. Two, all right? One more shot, one more shot.

S2: Okay.

S1: Right through the carrot.

S2: How did that happen?

S1: You want to learn that one?

S2: Yeah.

S1: All right, this is a great one. You can use a carrot. You can use other things. I've done it with a pencil before. But this is how it works. First of all you need a carrot. I have an extra one right here.

S2: Of course, you have one in your jacket.

S1: And this is the secret. The secret is you're not actually slicing the carrot with the $50 bill.

S2: Okay.

S1: What you do is you make it a point to emphasize that it has to be nice and crisp, and that's all hooey, it has nothing to do with how it works. Then you have the person hold the carrot like this.

S2: Okay.

S1: They don't have to hold it really tight, but you want it to be a little bit of tension there. And then I'm going to do it with my left hand, so you can see what's actually happening. And you could easily do this on your first try, but I like to say that it's going to take a few tries, just to make it look harder. So you aim it like this and you act like it's really important and the angle has nothing to do with it. You do the first one and nothing happens. The second one, nothing happens. Now the third one on the way up I stick out my pointer finger.

S2: Okay.

S1: Now you couldn't see it and anyone on that side couldn't see it, because I was using this hand, and my pointer finger was behind here, so on the way up the finger went here. And then on the way down, the finger strikes the carrot, and if you have a carrot this thick, you want to aim for a slightly thinner part.

S2: Yeah.

S1: So in slow motion, it goes up, up, up, up, up. The finger sticks out, it slices through, and once it goes through the finger goes back. And I'll show you what that looks like at full speed. So that's one, two, and that's how you slice a carrot in half with a dollar bill.

S2: Fifty dollar bill.

S1: Fifty dollar bill.

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