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How to Do the Floating Butter Knife Trick

Learn how to do the floating butter knife trick in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


A: Did you know that actually, if I squeeze my wrist tight enough I can get this butter knife to float? Watch, there is is.

B: That's cool. Show me how you did that.

A: So this is how it works. You tell them that if you squeeze your wrist tight enough that you can make the knife float. But the reason you are actually squeezing your wrist is because when you put your hand to your wrist, you stick out your finger like this.

B: Okay.

A: And as you slowly open your fingers, your pointer finger holds it right there, and nobody notices from the front that you're missing one finger. This is one of the first magic tricks I ever learned and it is a lot of fun.

B: Really?

A: You can do it with a knife, a pencil, a fork, anything you like. There, all around the wrist, there you go and you slowly open your hand.

B: One finger at a time?

A: Yes, and it floats!

B: Ta-da!

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