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How to Make a Sugar Packet Disappear into Your Palm

Learn how to make a sugar packet disappear into your palm in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


S1: You want to see a magic trick?

S2: Yes.

S1: Okay, here check this out. Here we'll use one of these. Watch this. Gone.

S2: Where did it go?

S1: I'll never tell.

S2: Come on, please?

S1: All right, well...

S2: Why don't you do it for my friends.

S1: Okay, so here's how it works. This is the really fun thing. When you got up to go to the bathroom earlier, I did a little secret setup. So here's the dirty work. You take a sugar packet, and you really do shake it, and put everything all to one side.

S2: Okay.

S1: And when nobody's looking, you just do a little tiny tear, so nobody's going to notice that. And you actually empty out all of the sugar when nobody's looking.

S2: This takes some work.

S1: Yeah, this takes some work. I kept busy while you were out of the room. And you do this and you know it takes a little while, because you have to have just a teeny little slit there. So you really have to work it all out of there.

S2: All right.

S1: And it's okay if there's just a little bit left in there. It doesn't have to be completely gone, but you really want maybe 98% out of there. Then you make sure that this doesn't look like it's torn. Then you have to remember where it is. You put it back where all the sugar is. Yeah, and I'll leave it sticking out just a little bit, so I know which one it is.

S2: Okay.

S1: Then you act like it's completely impromptu. That you weren't even planning it. Then you say, "Hey, you want to see a magic trick?" You'll say, "Oh, we'll grab one of these. It doesn't really matter." And of course, you take the prepared sugar packet. You shake it, you pretend that you're getting it all of it to one side, and exactly where the tear, you tear at the same spot. Now all the dirty work is done. There's nothing to be found. You're clean, as they say in magic. And you hold your hand in a fist, and this is where the mime comes in. You really pretend that-- and see how there's a little bit there? Like that's on the edges, that's fine. And then so you dump it in.

S2: Like it's all [inaudible 02:25].

S1: Right, exactly. You dump, dump, dump, dump really take a little while, you can give it some taps and nobody knows that nothing's actually going into your hand. Then you put the sugar packet down. You snap your fingers and you show that it's gone.

S2: There you go.

S1: And that's how you make sugar disappear in your hand. It's an old trick, but some of that work there was from the magician Brad Stein.

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