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How to Put a Straw Back into Its Wrapper

Learn how to put a straw back into its wrapper in this dinner table magic tricks video from Howcast.


A: You want to see something neat?

B: Yes.

A: All right. Have you ever took a straw and tried to put it back inside the wrapper?

B: Yeah, fiddle with it.

A: Exactly, why not? This really isn't magic. It's just a really cool way to get the straw back inside the wrapper very efficiently. So watch this. You take a napkin and all you have to do is you wrap them up. You wrap the straw and the wrapper right next to each other, and it's very important that the opening is right here, right next to the opening of the straw. You wrap it in the napkin, and if you pull the two opposite ends of the napkin, tightly and fast enough, it should go right back in the straw. Are you ready? One, two, there we go. Right back.

B: No way. You just flick it open and the straw goes back in there?

A: Yeah, that's all there is.

B: How?

A: So you want me to teach you how to do that?

B: Of course.

A: Okay, so I did lie a little bit. There is a little bit of magic.

B: I knew it.

A: And there's actually another straw.

B: Another one.

A: So here's how it works. You take the napkin and this is the secret setup that you do when nobody's looking. You put the straw in the wrapper and it's important that it's open, otherwise people won't believe that it actually went back inside. You place the straw in the middle and you line up the two opposite corners. You can do this with the napkin that's square, but you can see it works just as well with a rectangular napkin.

B: Okay.

A: Then you take these two and you put it in the center directly in front of the straw. You'll notice nobody can tell that there's a straw there, it just fits in with the crease of the napkin. But you put these right next to each other and you can add like, "You know, you got to make sure it's lined up, but that's all hooey."

B: Right.

A: You know you can say that if you fold it here and you turn the edge. You can get creative.

B: Okay, ad lib?

A: Exactly, so then you wrap it up and you take the straw in the wrapper that's right here. You fold it over that straw and then you continue to roll it up and at this point you can't tell by thickness what's inside. Now once you get to the end here where the corners are still sticking out, you give it one more roll. That actually effectively flips the entire napkin over, switching the straws. And you have the one on the table away from you and the flap on the table toward you. You pull the two opposite ends. You pull those straight and it pops up the straw.

B: And there it is.

A: That was hidden the whole time.

B: Great.

A: There you go and then people will try and they'll be like, "How come it come it's not working for me?"

B: Right.

A: And that's how you put a straw back into a wrapper using magic.

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