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How to Get Dreads with the Palm Rolling Method

Learn how to get dreads with the rolling method in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


I'm going to demonstrate for you how to do the palm rolling method. It's basically just what it says, it's using your palms to roll your dreads. So you first take the dread in your hand, between your thumb. Let it lay across your palm. Put your other palm on top and then just roll. You start with your fingertips at the base of your hand and then just roll all the way up to the fingertips of your other hand, and then you just keep doing this motion.

When you get to the fingertips of your other hand, that's when you grab it with your thumb, as to not to let go and to keep the tension you just created by palm rolling, because as you palm roll it, you're twisting it and you're kind of rolling it in between your two palms. So as you get to the end of the other hand, you just grab with your thumb and then just do it again. Drop it back down.

Do it again. Drop it back down. And as you can see the dread itself starts getting tighter. It smooths out, and you can also use this method with a lot more friction, if you had say, lumps or you were smoothing two dreads together. Put it in between your thumbs and then just do it real fast like, just to smooth it out, and you just let it drop down and that's the palm rolling method.

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