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How to Get Dreads with the Comb Twist Method

Learn how to get dreads with the comb twist method in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


So I'm going to demonstrate the comb and twist method. The easiest way is to first get your section. First, I'm going to grab some water and once my section is saturated, I'm going to grab my product which is my lock-in gel. I'm going to use my fingertips to go from from the roots all the way to the end. I'm going to do a comb through. I'm not going to use a wide tooth comb and I'm not going to use the small teeth just yet, so I want to be sure I comb all the way through it.

I'm going to start at the root. I'm going to insert my comb and as the comb goes in, I'm going to start twisting. I'm going to twist and pull down, twist and pull down. There are a lot of different sized combs you can use to do this. I prefer an all-purpose comb. That's one with both sides, two different sized teeth. And as you get to the end, pull it all the way through, and make sure that end is tucked in tight, so it can curl up on its own.

Then do another section. So I take the the small side of my comb. I'm going to turn and twist, turn and twist and once you start doing it, you won't pay attention to how much you are turning and twisting. It'll all be one full motion. So once I actually do the comb twist from the roots to the end, I may go back and add just a little bit more gel to the root, kind of give it a final twist and that just adds a little more stiffness, a little more staying power, because you have to get it under the dryer. And that is how you do a comb twist.

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