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How to Get Dreads with the Brush Rubbing Method

Learn how to get dreads with the brush rubbing method in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


With the brush rub method you could take a brush, a short bristle brush something like this, not necessarily this exact brand. But you can use a brush like this and actually rub the areas of your hair. I would say normally you want to start from the back, and work your way around to the sides and do the top last, but you're going to do small circle motions.

And as you do small circle motions around your whole head, the hairs start to curl up and coil, and of course this is best for curly hair. I wouldn't recommend this method for someone who has straight or wavy hair. They may want to try a different method for getting dreads when their hair is shorter, but the brush rub method is great, for when your hair is about an eighth of an inch to an inch long.

The hand rubbing method is similar. It is almost the same type of thing. You can go clockwise or counterclockwise, on hair that is about an eighth of an inch to an inch long, and just with your palm, go all throughout the head or all throughout the scalp, in small gentle motions with a little bit of product on your palm.

You first run a little product through your hair, which could be a locking wax or a locking gel, and then with your palm just go through and, not so much small sections, but small areas of your scalp, and then the hair will begin to coil and part itself. And that's the hand rub method, so the hand rub method and the brush rub method are similar and they're best used on hair that is short.

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