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How to Braid Dreads

Learn how to braid dreads in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


Today I'm going to show you how to do a braid on a dreadlock hairstyle. I'm going to do a three-strand braid on Francesca and I'm going to start here in the front. We've decided to do a braid with a slight side part, so I'm going to start on the side that is heavier. The first thing to note is you want to start with three strands, in this case three dreadlocks. I'm going to add a little bit more, add one more to the middle strand.

That way it comes out a little bit more prominent in the front. We start with three strands. The first thing I'm going to do is cross the middle strand over the first strand. Then the third strand I'm going to go under and grab it with my two fingers in the middle. I'm going to do that same process.

I'm going to go through and then I'm going to pick up my third strand again, and grab it with my two fingers in the middle, then I pull over. This is the area where it can get a little tight, if you're not careful about your tension. So we're going to keep it kind of loose, but I still want it to be a little neat.

I'm just going to grab a few little stray hairs, as I pull my third strand back around and go back through my first and second. I'm going to turn her back this way. Taking my third strand again, going around, I'm going to pick up. I'm doing the same process of going over, in and then when I get to the other side I'm going to pick up.

Then when I pick up I go through, pick up in the middle there and go over, down and then through. Then I add dreads to the middle strand again from picking up, then I'm coming down around. As you can see it's getting, first of all you have a lot more hair in your hand. The actual braid you start seeing the pattern, but you can see it's not too tight.

You don't see scalp and it's not pulling right there on her temples at all. Okay, so when I get down to where the braid starts getting a little bit thicker, that's when I want to tighten up my tension. What that means is I'm going to tighten it up, and kind of use a lot more tension and twist the hair going up or scrunch it up, as I usually refer to it.

I still have my three strands and as I grab for my next section, see I still want to keep the braid going to the side, so I'm going to grab all of this as one section and pull the braid tight to it with a little tension. Grab my middle strand. I have to turn my model around. I'm going to pick it right back up, because it has the shape and the direction that I want.

I'm going to start with the middle, the last middle section. I'm going to pull it tighter to her head, since I'm now behind her. I'm going to grab another section from the middle. I'm going to go to about here, and then tie it off, and then we're going to do the second part and bring this braid into the bigger one.

When I get about here, since it's nice and thick I'm just going to use her own dreads and tie it off.I just go around the base with her hair. I'm going to use one pin right underneath to make sure that what I tied around the base is going to stay, tuck that pin there.

I'm going to do the same thing on this side. Start with my three strands. My middle piece. Under, through, over grabbing as I go. We're keeping it very basic, not putting too much tension on the hair. I'm going to swing this one over, just to give it a more creative look and that'll give her a nice little roped off pattern here in the back.

Since I like the way that that's turning out, I'm going to finish my braid on this side. Take a few of the dreads, wrap it around the same way I did on the other side. I'm going to pin underneath.
When her two braided sides are in, so that way she can kind of do whatever she wants with the ends, that is how you do a braid on dreadlocks.

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