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How to Section Dreads

Learn how to section dreads in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


Today I'm going to show you how to section dreads. The first thing you want to take into consideration, Animada my model here, has a beautiful head of natural hair and she wants to go into dreadlocks. The first thing I do is I see what the hair is doing right at the back of the ear, because sometimes that gives me a clearer view of how her hair is going to fall behind her ears, and that can kind of direct you on how to section your dreads.

Case in point, Animada here as you can see this way, has the same consistency all throughout the back of her head, but right here it does get a little thin. A little thinner than say, the top. What that's going to tell me is I don't want my sections too small, because the longer her dreads get, the more weight the length is going to be on her root.

So I'm going to go just a little bit bigger and I'm going to stay with the shape of her head. That way they won't poke out, when they start growing out, where she'll have to constantly keep twisting it. They'll just kind of fall in place, and grow out nice and long and tuck right under her ear. Like I'm sure she may want them to, as they get a little longer.

So when you're considering dreads, definitely take into consideration the length, as well as the weight and texture of your hair, and also the way your hair grows and the shape of the head. Before you decide how you may want to section. You may not necessarily want to do a brick layer pattern or smooth, straight, and exact parts.

Some people may want to keep their dread sections very natural. With that in mind, that's when you want to go ahead and make your partings and get your client ready for getting her dreads started. Those are some things to consider when you're deciding how to section your dreads.

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