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How to Wrap Dreads at Night

Learn how to wrap dreads at night in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


Okay, so I'm going to show you how to wrap your dreads at night. I'm going to use a basic, standard scarf, head scarf rather, that you can get at any beauty supply or any department store. So the first thing you do is usually kind of square shaped. You take it in a rectangle or triangle rather, shape. Put the two ends together to get a shape something like this. The two ends are the ends you're going to tie your knot and get your most tension.

You want to first put the scarf on to of your head and kind of measure out how much length you're going to need in the back to kind of cover your dreads whether they're down or up. So since I'm fully covering my dreads, I'm going to take both of the two ends, put them together and tie it. I'm going to tie it loosely at first and make sure I get my hairline covered. I like to start with covering the ears and then as it gets tighter you can lift it over your ears.

So you want to tie it as tight as you can stand it, but tight enough where it stays in place. With the ends, you can either bring them around and tie your knot up front or you can tie a nice little knot in the back. It has to be a knot you can actually sleep on, so you don't want to get too fancy with your knotting. And then I usually just tuck the knot underneath. Make sure it's secure. Like I say, you can pull your ears out if you don't like the ears to be covered.

And another thing you can do if you like to toss and turn a lot in your sleep, you can go over the top of your scarf with a headband. That way that secures the scarf. You have your nice silk and satin up against your actual hair, because you want to use a scarf that is either silk or satin. That's better for the hair. It keeps the oils in your hair. It won't cause your hair to dry out as much. So even with using a headband, you want to be sure to have the scarf up against your actual hairline. And that is how you wrap your dreads at night.

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