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How to Wax Dreads

Learn how to wax dreads in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


Right now, I'm going to demonstrate how to wax dreads. When you are waxing, a time to wax is when you want to smooth your dreads out. You definitely don't want . . . not everyone wants nice, neat dreads. You don't want them to where they look like just perfect round cylinders. You want a little messiness, you want a little texture to them, because you want them to look like they have their own personality, which is the whole point of wearing dreads.

In the case of waxing, we're just going to even out this dread, just a little bit. There's definitely nothing wrong with it, but we're just going to take some of the frizziness out of the middle part and just smooth it all in together. I'm going to use a pomade wax because I want it a little thin. I don't need a thick, sticky wax. You also want to look at the texture of your hair and the weight of your hair. Since Aiesha's hair is fine but she does have a lot of texture to it, we don't need anything too heavy. Because like I said, after a while wax, overtime, will cause a buildup and a residue.

I'm going to get my pomade wax. I'm going to put it in my palm. Because it is a pomade, it does have some stick to it. I'm going to leave a little bit on my fingers and my thumb because that's where I'm going to do my first pinch at the root. I'm going to go down the whole length of the dread. You'll feel it as it starts soaking in; you feel it even out the texture. It becomes a little more moisturized, a little more oiled. Once you feel it, go from the roots to the ends, that when you start palm rolling. We're doing this to smooth out the length of the dread, so we're not palm rolling for the roots; we're mainly rolling for the ends. As I go down, I'm going to smooth it out, then palm roll, and twist all the way down.

Waxing can also take some time, because when you do it yourself on your own head, you want to be sure to go through each individual dread. It depends on how thick and how long your dreads are, but you definitely want to take the time to wax each and every one of them individually. We just gave it a smoother look without changing up the shape too much, but it definitely looks more oiled than the one that isn't.

That's basic waxing. You just want to smooth out from roots to end. That way, you keep your dreads oiled, and nice and uniform. That's how we wax dreads.

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