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How to Make Dreads Thicker & How to Combine Thin Dreads

Learn how to make dreads thicker and how to combine thin dreads in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


Okay, so today I'm going to demonstrate how to make dreads thicker. My model Ayesha here has a beautiful head of dreads and the great thing about her dreads is that they're kind of small. Small enough to do a lot with. They look nice and full, kind of like natural hair does. However, she may or she might get to the point where she wants the dreads themselves a little fuller, a little thicker, a little bit rounder.

So I'm going to just demonstrate for you exactly how to do that. So I'm going to take two of her dreads here, right here at the root. As you can see these two dreads, they're fine on their own, but if Ayesha gets to the point where these dreads get a little weak, she can combine the two to make a bigger dread, but also to make it a little stronger. So that's what we're going to do today. So I'm going to clip this off here, get this out of the way.

I'm going to take these two dreads and the first thing I'm going to do, knowing that I'm going to make these two one, I'm going to use just a little bit of product to twist it. It just kind of smooths it out a little bit and makes my work area a little bit cleaner. So I'm going to take these two and twist it as if I'm twisting to tighten her roots. I'm only going to twist about that far down. Then I'm going to take a small rubber band and I'm going to rubber band where the twists are the biggest. That's going to be right about here.

This is where the two are really joining and becoming one. And I'm not going to make the rubber band too tight, I'm just going to go around a couple of times. I just want it a little bit more secure, and then I'm going to continue to twist all the way down to the end, and as I twist I'm putting a little tension to smooth the two dreads together, because I want them to look like one. If I just twist like this, then they'll unravel and you could tell it's two dreads put together.

But if I use just a little tension and slide down the dread as I'm twisting, then the closer I get to the bottom you can see that it looks like one complete dread, just a little thicker. And once I get to the bottom, I'm first going to try and combine the two as best I can at the bottom here. I'm going to take another rubber band and rubber band the bottom, because I want them to stay together. And as you can see with my twisting, my root is nice and tight, and I have a nice full dread, so I'm going to clip it at the root right there to keep that root secure.

And I'm going to continue my twisting all the way down. And as I get further down, I'm going to slide the rubber band down, because the rubber band is not we need to make the two become one. The way these two dreads will become one is by twisting and palm rolling and locking together. So as I continue pulling the two together I will pin it out of the way, and go back over it with a little more gel, and I will continue this until I get a nice tight roll, and I get the size that I want. And as you can see, they start blending right in with the other dreads there. And that's how you can combine two dreads.

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