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How to Start Dreads Over

Learn how to start dreads over in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


I'm going to demonstrate how to start dreads over with using the rubber band method. The very common way of starting dreads over is of course, the twist and pin, and you can also finger twist it.
But one great way also is the rubber band method. And what the rubber bands do, you can see I have put some finger twists in my model's hair. Going to add the rubber band to the dread or the newly formed dread to give it a little bit of strength and a little bit of structure.

I'm only going to wrap it. I'm only going to put the rubber band around the new dread about two or three times. I don't want it too tight. I'm putting it toward the root, but not on the root. And I'm definitely putting it in between where the root grows out into the length of the new dread. Since she's starting her dreads over, these are brand new dreads. So she has to not only allow her hair to lock all over again, but she has to kind of show it exactly what she wants it to do.

And the rubber bands help allow that, especially in the early stages. They're great for using the first couple of months, but you definitely have to be careful not to get them too tight and not get too dependent on them. You just want to keep them on there, so that the lock can form and lock on its own and hold its own shape. And then once that begins to happen you can cut the rubber bands out, and you have your brand new head of dreads.

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