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How to Do a Dreads Mohawk Ponytail

Learn how to do a dreads Mohwak ponytail in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


So I'm going to demonstrate a couple of dread styles for men. Now Quila, my model here has a lot of new growth, and this oftentimes happens when you can't get to the salon to get your roots tightened up or if can't do them yourself, but you still have important things to do, important meetings, events and things to go to. You still need to find something to do with your hair.

So this is a style that I came up with and this is a good style for less than, to try to do in under five minutes. So Quila here used to shave the sides of his head and would be bald here, and just have his dreads on the top or he would do all kind of cool and crazy styles. But now they're growing out, so he still needs a way to style it and wear it as it grows out.

So we've taken to this style, since he does have a lot of root, I just kind of twist it a little around the front, but not too much because if you twist where the front is nice and smooth, but then the middle and the back is still frizzy and it kind of doesn't go together. So you have to do it just enough where it kind of looks a little neater, but it still kind of blends in with everything that's going on.

So I twisted his sides down softly, each side and then I kind of gave him a ponytail knot in the middle there, and that kind of hides his back and sides area that he's trying to grow out. And it kind of all comes together with this kind of mohawk/pompador look that makes him look cool and hip, but it makes the whole look a little neater.

Just let me secure it and make sure everything is in there, okay. And you want to tuck the back under where it's a little shorter, just try to fold them together, and just give it a more uniform look and that is one of the dreadlock styles for men.

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