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6 Dreads Do's & Don'ts

Learn 6 important dreads do's and don'ts in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


A couple of main things to remember when maintaining your dreads is to keep them clean. Keep your dreads and your scalp clean. Keep them lubricated, because you don't want them to get too dried out and start ripping. You want to keep them trimmed and you want to tie them up at night. And those are the basic things, the basic do's to maintaining your dreads.

A couple of don'ts. Well, you definitely don't want to touch them up too tight at the roots. Dreads need freedom at the root of the scalp, to actually grow and dread and lock a little faster. So when you're going to get your touch-ups and your tightening's, just be careful not to get your roots tightened too tight to where they are pulling too much on your scalp.

Another don't is not to wax them too often. Wax builds up on the dread and it becomes harder and harder to clean the residue from the wax buildup. So you can wax them every so often, but you don't want to wax them every other day or sometimes you don't even want to wax them every week. So there are some do's and don'ts to consider when maintaining your dreads.

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