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Can Dreads Be Dyed or Bleached?

Learn if dreads can be dyed or bleached in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


So can dreads be dyed or bleached? Yes, they are still hair. They're just the same as any hairstyle. The only difference is with dreads you can kind of pinpoint exactly where you want that color without having to do a lot of foiling and messiness, with a lot of the color or the bleaching, rather.

The easiest way to dye dreads is dyeing the tips and a quick way to do that is to put a rubber band on the tip of your dread. And I would say depending on the length of your dread, go up about and leave at the end about five to six inches and that will be the amount of your dread you will actually want to color.

And where that rubber band is that will the highest point you want to color, so with that I would say take that tip and you can actually dip it in a little bit of bleach. You can do this, maybe only do it on I'd say three or four of your dreads, but be careful to watch it.

But you can definitely dye the tips, dip it in bleach and then once it gets to the lightness that you desire, rinse it out, shampoo it normally, neutralize it with a neutralizing shampoo and that is how you can bleach or dye the tips of your dreads.

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