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Do Dreads Make Your Scalp Itchy?

Learn if dreads make your scalp itchy in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


Do dreads make your scalp itchy? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes just before you go into dreads, you may have a dry or itchy scalp. Therefore, once you actually dread your hair it may feel as though the dreads themselves are making your scalp a little itchy, but that's usually not so much the case.

Another thing that can make your scalp a little itchier when you do have dreads is the product that's being used to twist it or interlock it, or whatever method that you're using. The actual products that are being used, could cause you to have a little of a reaction, and can cause you to get a little itchy. Especially if you're overusing your wax, or overusing any kind of product that can cause a buildup on the scalp and then also cause it to be a little itchy.

You don't want to use a lot of oils either, because oils then attract a lot of the lint and dust that are in the air and that can cause your scalp to get a little itchy. So although the dreads themselves don't make your scalp itchy, it's the processes and the products you use on your hair that can make your scalp a little itchy.

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