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How to Prepare Hair & Scalp for Dreads

Learn how to prepare your hair and scalp for dreads and whether you should perm your hair for dreadlocks in this Howcast hair video.


How to prep your hair and your scalp before dreads and should you perm your hair before dreads? Well, to the second part of that I would say, no. You should not perm your hair before dreads, because your hair needs to be natural. That is the whole point of having dreadlocks. You want that natural style, that natural feel.

You want the look of what hair was meant to be, as some people put it. So you definitely don't want to alter that with chemicals at all in the beginning. Now how do you prep your hair and your scalp? Well, you first have to start out with a clean head and clean scalp. You definitely want your hair to be clean and residue free. You want your scalp to be free of flakes and any irritants, any products that have build-up on them.

So you definitely don't want a lot of that in your hair or on your scalp. So the best way to start out with getting dreads is make sure your hair is clean and residue free, and then make sure your scalp is clean and residue free as well. And no, please do not perm your hair before you get dreads. That will just cause you to lose the naturalness of what the hairstyle is meant to be.

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