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How to Get Dreads with the Backcombing Method

Learn how to get dreads with the backcombing method in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


The backcombing method, getting dreads using the backcombing method, you definitely need a little bit of length. It's recommended that you have between 6 to 12 inches and it's best used on textures that are a little bit smoother, a little bit softer. You may want to try doing the backcombing method with a tighter curl or a coarser texture, but it's mainly used by those that have a softer texture of hair,the hair that doesn't lock as quickly.

And so the process is one that you take small sections, preferably about one to an inch and a half sectioning, and each section you take, you backcomb it. Mostly with a brush because you definitely want to get your backcombing stiff, tight, and a little bit frizzy. The frizziness and the loose hairs will kind of help mold it and allow you to do your palm rolling, to get that shape that you want.

You use your brush and do your backcombing method, nice and tight, small strokes. And then once you get your backcombing in, your hair will probably be about, in terms of the look of the length it'll look a little shorter, because you just backcombed a lot of your length into the dread. And then you take your dread wax at that point and use just a little bit from the root all the way to the ends and then you start palm rolling.

And you palm roll and you palm roll that whole backcombed dread, until it gets nice and smooth, and gets a nice shape that you want and it sticks and it stays. Once you get your full head done, you have just done a full head of the backcombing method to get your instant dreadlocks.

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