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How to Get Rid of Dreads & How to Cut Dreads Out

Learn how to get rid of dreads and how to cut dreads out in this Howcast hair video about dreadlocks.


So how to get rid of dreads without cutting? Well, it is a long and arduous process, but it can be done. The best thing to do is to stop twisting them and let your roots really grow in. You want to get a good five-six inches would be great, before you start actually trying to comb your dreads out, because that's what you would be essentially doing is combing your dreads out. That's the only way to get rid of them without cutting.

So then you want to cut, actually you need to probably cut your dread in half, you don't have to but that is probably what I would recommend, because half of that hair has been matted. You figure if your dreads are I would say anywhere past your shoulders, you've probably been wearing dreads for about eight years or so. The hair from here on down has been matted for that amount of time. So you really want to work with the hair that's at least about, I would say about six inches long, if that. I would actually say four, but I'll give two extra inches and say about six inches.

So I would cut it at about six inches, and then from there I would put a very heavy softening conditioner all over your head, and just really saturate it. Put a plastic cap on it and if you have a dryer, get under the dryer for about a good 30 minutes. Let your hair get as soft as it can get. If you don't have a dryer then just put a cap on it, and just let it sit and let the body heat from your scalp let the conditioner soften your dreads.

And then from there you begin one by one combing them out one by one. Like I said it's a long and arduous process, but if you really want to save your length and you don't want to cut your dreads completely off that's the only way to do it, is to actually comb them out. It is tedious, but for some it's very rewarding, because then they have their dreads out and they have their length. But just be aware that it may take some time.

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