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How to Get Dreads with Angela Honor

Learn about Angela Honor, one of Howcast's dreadlock experts, in this video.


My name is Angela Honor and I am a hair stylist. I've been doing hair now, I would say over 20 years. I currently work at LaVar Hair Designs, which is on the Upper West Side, here in New York City and I love what I do. Working at LaVar hair designs, I'm definitely able to work the scope of the type of hair and the textures that I love. I do clients from all walks of life, so that keeps my passion fueled.

It keeps me excited to be in this industry. I've worked fashion shows, editorials. I've also done television. Being in the beauty industry is definitely my life's passion. I started doing hair shortly after high school. When I went to college I decided I wanted to do something a little more creative, and to be able to really do something with my hands was the major push and my major drive, because I was definitely a visual person.

My major was fashion merchandising, so I was kind of already in that beauty/fashion area. I decided to take it a little step further with going to beauty school. I'm currently working on a natural hair care line and a natural wig collection. They're in the development stages so look out for it, because it should be coming to you soon. If you want to learn more about my salon visit us at If you want to get in touch with me personally send me a Tweet @njangae. And I look forward to hearing from you.

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