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How to Pull a Dollar out from under a Beer Bottle

Learn how to pull a dollar bill out from under a beer bottle without knocking it over in this Howcast video about magic tricks you can do at a table.


A: So I have another bar bet for you.

B: Okay.

A: I have $5 here for you. You get to keep it. There's just two things. You have to get the $5 out from underneath the bottle. You're not allowed to knock over the bottle and you're not allowed to touch the bottle.

B: Okay, will you be there in case it falls?

A: All right, I'm ready.

B: All right.

A: I think I better show you how this one works.

B: Yeah, I think so too.

A: Before we end up breaking the bottle, you've got to think a little bit outside the box for this one. You're not allowed to touch the bottle, but you are allowed to touch the bill. So you roll it up. Then when you get here, you continue to roll and it slides the bottle.

B: How much money has this won you?

A: At least $5. Until you get to the end, and that's how you win $5 with a bottle.

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