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How to Do a Knee Bar Leg Lock

Learn how to do a knee bar leg lock in this Howcast video about lower body submission techniques for jiu jitsu, judo, sambo, and mma.


All right, guys. Now I'm going to show you how to do a knee bar. We're going to start in reverse mount, sitting on our partner with one of his legs between our two legs. Remember not to pop on your opponent. Be nice. The knee bar is similar to an arm bar, where I'm trying to hyper-extend the leg at the knee, so I'm going to treat it the same way. What I'm going to do is I'm going to pinch my knees together right above his thigh and I'm going to bring this to my chest as I pull.

Relax your leg. So he's here and I'm going to fall on top of the leg that I'm not attacking. This is the leg he needs to stand up so if I'm on top of it, it makes it harder for him to escape. I'm going to cross my feet together, pinch my knees together, get a rear naked choke on him, on his leg. Grabbing his heel and turning it towards my right side, as I arch and attack from the leg. That hyper-extends the knee. That is the knee bar.

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