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How to Do a Leapfrog Knee Bar Leg Lock

Learn how to do a leapfrog knee bar leg lock in this Howcast video about lower body submission techniques for jiu jitsu, judo, sambo, and mma.


All right, guys.Now we are going to get a little unconventional. Catch our opponent with something cool and we are going to do a leap frog knee bar from north-south. So as I'm in north-south, remember the purpose of fighting is to cause damage. No matter where I am, I want to cause damage. So I'm here. I'm going to try and get inside his arms here, that way I have good control.

I'm going to hit the ribs, especially on his right side where his liver is located, I'm going to try and bang his liver a little bit, soften him up. If you can pop up real quick and deliver a short elbow, that's great. Bam, but never relinquish your control. From here, what I'm going to do is I'm going to hop to my feet. I'm going to jump on his stomach.

In practice, we're not going to land on his stomach, so we don't hurt our training partners, but in competition we want to land right on his stomach to take his air out. So I'm going to hop up. See how I supported myself when I came down. That way I don't hurt a training partner. From here, I'm going to grab both of his legs, so that he cannot escape.

I'm going to fall over to either side. I choose my right side. I'm going to triangle my legs to keep his legs secure. From here I can do a whole bunch of different things, but for now I'm going to the choke, grab the bottom heel, turn and arch nice and hard. Harder than I normally would, because I have both legs and that's how you do a leap frog knee bar from north-south.

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