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How to Defend against an Ankle Lock Leg Lock

Learn how to defend against an ankle lock leg lock in this Howcast video about lower body submission techniques for jiu jitsu, judo, sambo, and mma.


All right, guys. I've showed you how to do the ankle lock. Now I'm going to show you how to properly defend an ankle lock. I'm going to back up my guard. A lot of times when people do the ankle lock, they'll do it one of two ways. Either he's punching, and he waits for somebody to open and try to move, and then I'm going to for it or he'll go to pass. Push it out, yes.

From there he'll grab it and swing his leg over. As soon as this happens this top leg I need to peel it off, if he's getting his power from this top leg. So I move to peel, and immediately try to get my foot to the mat. Peel, I'm going to under hook that arm, and I'm going to pop this knee through.

From here, I'm going to clasp my hands together in a nice gable grip. There's shoulder pressure, sprawl it out. Now I'm in a good position. I can attack his submissions here or I can posture up and strike. Either way, I want to cause damage. That is how you properly defend an ankle lock.

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