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How to Do a Rolling Knee Bar from Whizzer Grip Leg Lock

Learn how to do rolling knee bar from whizzer grip leg lock in this Howcast video about lower body submission techniques for jiu jitsu, judo and mma.


Hey guys, all right. So now we're going to do a fun move.We're going to start off with a rolling knee bar off the whizzer. Then I'll have a whizzer, you know whizzering him hard, boom, maybe trying to knee him. Whatever I'm trying to do. If he steps this foot behind me, yes, I can really try to sit back for a take down. And here immediately I'm going to reach with this arm and I'm going to grab the back of his pack, and I'm going to roll flat over my back.

So it will look like this. I'm going to get right to my knee block. Nothing else changes, everything is the same as far as the mechanics of knee bar. My feet are pressed together, my knees are pinched nice and tight. I'm leaning on-- I'm resting my head on his foot like it's a pillow , grabbing the heel, grabbing my bicep, I'm hipping in and I'm turning. And that's how you do a rolling knee bar from a whizzer grip.

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