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Standing Rolling Knee Bar from Waist Grab Leg Lock

Learn how to do a standing rolling knee bar from waist grab in this Howcast video about lower body submission techniques for jiu jitsu, judo and mma.


And now I'm going to show you a different variations to a rolling knee bar. This works well when the guy has your back, and that happens a lot of times in the fight, where the guy will be against the cage here and he gets into his position, and the guy is always stronger. The knees here, maybe trying to come up top.

So what I'm going to do from here is try to separate from the cage a little bit, keeping your weight forward, so he can't pick you up and slam you. From here, notice under the foot in between my legs. That's the leg I'm going to go for. So I'm going to reach through, I'm going to grab it, I'm going to roll over my shoulder here.

Now from here, everything's still the same. You know, the mechanics of the knee bar are the same no matter where you go. The only thing that's different is the entrance. Squeezing my knees, crossing my feet, got the rear neck choke, hand the heel resting on the head. Turning and arcing in. That's how you do a rolling knee bar.

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