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How to Do an Ankle Lock from Inside Trip Leg Lock

Learn how to do an ankle lock from inside trip leg lock in this Howcast video about lower body submission techniques for jiu jitsu, judo and mma.


And now we're going to show you an ankle lock while you're in the clinch. So from here we're going to do it off an inside trip. You see this a lot where I'll have his head - grab my head - we'll be here, and I'll be firing punching or he'll have his arm and we're punching each other. You see this all the time, correct?

From here what I'm going to do is come inside and I'm going to get him, because, I'm going to pull and push, get him to step, right?

So do it again. I want his rear leg to come where my rear leg is, so I'm going to get him to step and then I'm going to drop to my knee and block him, here. See how I snatch up that ankle? Then I'm going to windshield wiper, right to position one, trip out to get space and trip back in and finish, and that's how you do an ankle lock from an inside trip.

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