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How to Do a Scissor Takedown to Ankle Lace Leg Lock

Learn how to do a scissor takedown to ankle lace leg lock in this Howcast video about lower body submission techniques for jiu jitsu, judo, and mma.


All right, guys. Now I'll be showing you the ankle lace from a flying scissor. So once again you are fighting and you're going to lean back from a hook. You got on your knees and you got that single. Pushing away, you've got proper defense. Maybe a little jump knee. You know that's one of my favorites. Elbow.

Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to hop, hop, hop to the side. Now I'm going to jump instead of putting my hand on the mat like we did for the flying scissor. I'm going to put my hand on his ankle. I'm going to pull it towards me as I roll over my shoulder. Come this way. So here we go.

Then look, same way like we did with the scissors before, I'm going to come through here. Thumb pointing to me. I'm going to pull his leg into his other leg that way. I'm not going to pull that way. There's no reason to. There we go. That's how you do a flying scissor into an ankle lace.

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