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How to Jump Rope

Learn how to jump rope properly in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


I'm Pauline Mitchell and I'm back with the jump rope. Really simple, really easy to use and easy to carry, so you actually have no excuse to get your cardio in. I like carrying it in my purse, I'm not kidding or my gym bag, but if I think I'm going to miss a workout, I'll take 10 minutes or so in the park or wherever I am and I'll get a really great workout in. The great thing is you don't have to do the typical jumping. You can modify it to different variations of footwork, plyometrics footwork. So this is where it gets really, really interesting.

So I'll start off by showing you the basic jump rope, all right? And what I really want you to keep in mind is remember to turn with your wrists and not your arm, and I'll show you what that looks like. When you're jumping, feet together, arms out to the side, and my arms are not going crazy, because ultimately I'm going to tire my arms out, because I want to jump for a long time. So again, just with the wrists, okay?

Here is a really cool variation to do while you're in the jump rope, really, really simple. It's called a square jump, so I'm going to pretend that there's a kind of like a T in front of me. So I make a line down through the middle and a line across, okay? I'm going to go in a square. So start with the jumps, front, side, back, side. That's your square jump, all right? The other one we have is a lateral, and again, you can pick a spot on the floor or make a line or use some tape.

So I'm just going to jump laterally, and what's that's going to do is it's really going to help increase my power, as well. So here's my line on the floor and now I like to speed up, right? That's my plyo move. The next one is simply going to be high knees, really intense. I know, so again prepare yourself, when you're ready start low, bring up your knees high.

If you want to be really advanced or if you are advanced then I would pick up the pace, but again as you can hear, it's a great cardio workout. You don't have to do it for 30 minutes or so. You can do it for maybe one minute, take a breather, active rest, move around, do it for another minute or so, move around four minutes, eight minutes, whatever you've got time for, just do it. It makes a huge difference.

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