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How to Do a Jump Squat

Learn how to do a jump squat in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi, it's Pauline again, so this next move is called a jump squat or rocket jumps. Now this is a powerful, explosive movement, and you're going to get a lot out of it, because you're going to really load up everything. One thing I wanted to add is you know your legs are-- your quads, your glutes, your hams, they're big muscles. So when you work them in the way when you are doing plyometrics, you are bound to get a good workout, because it gets your heart going.

So this movement you're going to start by again, getting your abs in. You're going to load, bring you hips back, sitting down, and really remember that your arms are going to be the driving force in this movement. Even though I'm squatting back, I can actually feel my abs staying tight. You really have to focus on that in order to use this movement for your benefit. So again, the movement from here and up. Also you can practice kind of getting up, just like you were doing the box squat. You would get up on your toes and back down again.

Okay, so this is my warm-up for this movement. So what I want to do is rocket up and that's why it's called a rocket. So now I'm actually going to go as low as I can. Legs, feet, hip width apart or a little bit further turned out, and the movement looks like this, okay? Okay, I should add when you're doing this movement, you're really flying high. So everything should be activated as you're going up. So tightening up, it's almost really hard to land soft, but you need to make sure when you land that you land with your knees pointing forwards, okay?

If you find again that your knees are caving in, then I want you to start small, pop it up, then really focus on driving that knee forward, okay? The other thing is you're really using your heels too, so as you set back, loading your posterior chain, you're sitting into your heels nice and tight. You're grounded, arms driving force, up. Okay, landing on your toes. Okay, the lower you sit and start, the more power you're going to need. So you're really going to need your glutes and you're really going to need your quads.

So again, sitting, power up. If you can't sit that far down, just start here, okay? Pop it up slow. If we really want a great cardio workout, I made it just a little bit quicker, but I'm only going to do it for about 30 seconds or so. As you can hear, my heart is beating, great cardio. So as an athlete, if you're higher level, pop it up. Skiers, this is great for you too. So again more power, quick, quick. Okay, and that's how you do a rocket jump.

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