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How to Do a 180 Jump Squat

Learn how to do a 180 jump squat in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi, it's Pauline and I'm back with another ply move.

This is going to be your 180 jump squat with a twist, literally. So, again, you're going to come in to a squat position. The reason why I really like this move is because it's a great cardio, it's a heart booster. But again, you're getting your hamstrings, your legs, everything is involved, quads and glutes.

So, to start with, you're going to get down in a position to where your legs are move than shoulder width apart and abs are tight. So, you're going to set your hips back, again, in that motion. Okay, so I'm going to turn this way when I do it. But at the same time, I'm going to pop back as quick as I can. So, the count is actually, this would be one. That would be two.

So, what I want you to remember is, in order to do this move, you really need to be quick on your toes. So, when you land, I want you to land on your toes instead of your heels. Because it takes longer to actually pop off your heel. So the move is quick, quick. Okay?

The other element is, you're actually going to, there's a down motion. So, this is what makes it a little more challenging and really engage your hamstrings and your glutes, Okay? So, from here, down, pop back up, down, pop back up. On the up, abs are tight. Okay?

So, that is how you do your 180 jump squat.

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