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How to Do a Jump Squat with Shoulder Press

Learn how to do a jump squat with shoulder press in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi. I'm Pauline. I'm back with another great plyometric move, and this is going to be your jump squat with a shoulder press. Okay, it's really important that you load properly. Form is key. If you're efficient, your exercise is going to be more effective.

I'm going to turn to the side again. Your squat, usually, you're going to have your abs in tight, hips pushed back, and then sinking down so that your knees are not over your toes. Okay? Loading your hamstrings, your glutes. Back. Everything is really tight together. And coming forward. Right.

Now, this is almost like the rocket, except you're going to add weights. The movement is going to come from below. Okay? And pushing up. Without the weights, press up, press up. Really important. And land soft. Land on my toes, rocking back to my heel, so I can press off of my heel to get more power up.

Okay? Adding the weights. What you're going to do, okay, now you're incorporating your shoulders. Yes, this is a total body workout. From here, go down, come up, press up. You're not going to extend your arms all the way. Shoot up. Power off your heel and your toe. The only thing to remember is, when I land, I'm dropping slow and pressing up. Okay, and straight from the side. Okay.

And that is how you do a jump squat with a shoulder press.

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